Vision for Sustainable Development of Taleigao 2020-2030

Vision document for Taleigao Village submitted to the Village Panchayat in 2019

Smart City: Redevelopment of Ourem Street 2018

My idea of smart? Inclusive, walkable, green, accessible and tech-savvy!

Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim is one of the oldest intuitions and has facilities that have served the people of Goa for decades. In recent times its campus has been plagued with chaos from vehicular congestion, lack of architectural legibility and easy accessibility to a bulk of its users who visit the campus using public transport. 

Our vision for the campus reorganization is long term with a focus on people movement and comfort. The blood circulation system in the human body is a great example of an excellent system of transmission and distribution and using this as a reference we have simulated a colour coded, textural and voice modulated network intelligently integrated into the campus master plan to aid mobility, access for all, with a clear segregation of vehicular and pedestrian  movement. All vehicular traffic has been restricted to the front edge and periphery leaving the central core free for people to walk, recuperate, relax, interact, etc. for unhindered access, feeling of safety and freedom while in the campus. The public space has been envisaged to be interspersed with interactive installations that demonstrate the different parts of specific organs of the human body like the heart, brain and lungs. These act as tools to better understand how the human body functions and when presented in public space as playful objects allows both children and adults to shed their fear and inhibitions of these vital organs.