Dr Dhanesh Kamerkar

When we decided to construct a house with sustainable materials and practices, my friend suggested architect Tallulah D'Silva. We were so glad right from the word go, we were on the  same page about construction of the house using sustainable materials. This relationship between the architect and client most times is dictatorial, so either the architect dictates or the client, but here our thoughts started matching in principle from the first meeting itself. When I mentioned to Tallulah that I would prefer the use of stones, rammed earth and no use of cement/ concrete, she literally jumped at the idea because this matched with her ideas of sustainability whereas most clients support only modern houses today constructed with the conventional cement/concrete.

Madhulika Kanchi, B Arch- GCA & M Arch- Manipal University

My time at architecture t taught me design sensibilities but along with that it also made me independent, resourceful and sensitive to the environment. It instilled in me principles of designing by respecting the context and using the site itself as an asset. The unique combination of work, construction and community interaction improved my communication skills and made me one with the workforce on site. Working at architecture t groomed me as a budding architect and a wholesome human being.