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The environment and its sustainability. And this is mirrored in the collaborative, inclusive and participative work at architecture t, as we design, build, work with community and experience the spaces we create. Simplicity, contemporary, minimalist, hands-on, interactive and an intimacy with nature are tenets we try to adopt in all our work.




My tryst with collaborations first began in 2000 and the model was simple and straight forward: professional integrity, circular leadership and equitability! With my recent plunge into mentoring college students, social architecture and community work and the move to a larger and more central work space, I have been able to experiment with the next level of professionalism- collaborations, delegation and cooperative leadership, giving me the needed space to devote to more passions! My travel experiences across the globe and work opportunities with the local community have also taught me two important lessons that I’m currently experimenting with and enjoying the benefits of :  1. the art of delegation and 2. Cooperative leadership.




Principal Architect

Tallulah D Silva
Tallulah D Silva


Principal Architect

Vishal Rawlley



Tallulah is passionate about architecture, sustainability, vernacular building systems, ecology and Goa. Social and environmental issues are close to her heart. With her head bursting with ideas, she loves design and build, cost effective construction, entrepreneurship, citizen initiatives, social architecture, writing, mentoring, environment, outdoor learning and is a consummate net-worker and doer. She is a super time manager balancing her passion for architecture, environment, community and raising two kids.

A graphic designer, artist and film maker with a passion for community engagement, Vishal is a maker of things and has been a great support in the college programmes and temporary structures we have recently undertaken. The emergency pontoon boat and social entreperneurship  along St Inez Creek have been possible thanks to Vishal. He has recently won the FICA Public Art Grant for engaging communities in preserving the St Inez Creek in Panjim, Goa. We are now set up The Backyard Class and Community Classroom with Travelling Dome!

Chenelle Rodrigues


Architectural Conservation: Mud

Meet Chenelle our mud expert! With strong convictions and a passion for traditional mud building, Chenelle is an asset to our team. Her integrity, curiousity to learn new skills and passion to travel keeps pushing all the young trainees and architects to explore beyond their comfort zones. Currently in France pursuing her passion to consolidate  conservation/ restoration practices in cities across the country, she guides us remotely on our continuous effort to promote and build non-concrete buildings in Goa.

Seeya Keserker

Architect/ Designer

Project Lead

Seeya is our young architect, super efficient and resourceful. She has an eye for detail and is passionate about aesthetics and interiors. She is independent and works with integrity. Her confidence, rigour, sound technical knowledge and design sensibilities make her an asset to the team. Collaboration is something she is familiar with as she guides other team members and new interns on the team. She is an alumnus of the Goa College of Architecture and has earlier interned with architecture t

alilia 1.jpg
Alilia Souza

Architect/ Designer

Project Lead

Architect/ Designer

Project Lead

Ishwari Masurker

Alilia is the super enthusiastic young architect, recently graduated from Srinivas School of Architecture, Mangalore- Karnataka. She is a keen learner, efficient, excellent at coordination and very patient. She is an asset to our team because of her helpful nature, out of the box thinking and solution oriented reasoning. She is an all rounder with no limitations to adopting new skills. Her curiosity, need to participate and engage with young architects across the country and learn from accomplished architects is something that keeps her connected with the fraternity and invest in self as an architect. 

Ishwari is a super team member, as she works silently and super meticulously. She is good at all aspects of design and the processes involved in developing the project from concepts to building on ground.  She is everwilling to work on ground and leads any group with enthusiasm and responsbility. She is an alumnus of the Goa College of Architecture and has engaged in key projects as part of her thesis in connection to children and experential learning. This has been of value to us with her engagement with a community play area using waste materials.


3D Visualizer

Nigel De Souza

Nigel is a super artist and our chance meeting with him for a collaborative exercise, led us to know his skills as a 3D visualizer. He is very creative and works on each part of the visual narrative of the design with attention to detail. He brings so much joy to our team with his presence and collaborative working. He is caring, enthusiastic and has participated in all our outdoor programmes including initiatives for community engagement and environment awareness. 


Kaustubh has joined us as an intern and we hope he finds this experience enriching. He has been quick to learn the ropes and is finding opportunities to use his skills in design, preparing sketches, using the relevant software, etc. He is a very good photographer and also loves using water colours. He has a very friendly nature and is able to easily work with all members of the office team. He will be joining our community initiatives soon and we look forward to his continuous engagement.

Intern Architect, Pillai College of Architecture - Navi Mumbai

Kaustubh Konde


Sachin Megeri

Sachin is our new intern and his responsibilities are essentially drafting, model making, 3 D modelling, site supervision and documentation. He has recently completed his Diploma in AutoCad where he excelled with an A+ . He is a quick learner and excellent team member. He is empathatic and sensitive. He has also participated in many of our community and environmental initiatives. He was selected to participate in an ecology workshop in Wayanad on the biodiversity of the Western Ghats. He loves nature and has also participated in many of the Travelling Dome workshops as a student.


Intern-Architect, Jindal School of Art & Architecture

Ayman Syed

Ayman is a first year student of Architecture and has joined us for a short internship. He is enthusiastic, keen to learn and is fantastic as a collaborator. While many of the tasks he is currently assigned with are new, he is learning the ropes with patience and responsibility. We are so happy to have him on our team.

Housekeeping Officer

Pushpa Vernekar

Meet Pushpa, our housekeeping officer. Thanks to her our work space is in ship shape.


Pest Control Officer

Meet  Chip! Our natural predator keeping rodents and critters at bay. Currently absconding!


Easy ride 

Our most dependable transport to run errands and site work!

former trainees/ employees/ team members

Richa Narvekar

Collaborations, Urban Designer & Architect, CEPT Ahmedabad/ The Bartlett London

Titus Fernandes

Urban Designer & Architect, KRVIA Mumbai/ IDEA Nashik

Madhulika Kanchi

Trainee Architect, Goa College of Architecture

Trainee Architect, CEPT Ahmedabad

Aarsi Ghelani
Shezadi Farah Khan

Architect, University School of Design, Mysore

Mrinmayee Thakur

Trainee Architect, Goa College of Architecture

Aman Issar

Trainee Architect, Delhi Public School, Noida

Jay Choksi

 Trainee Architect, VIVA School of Architecture, Mumbai

Tushar Kambli

Trainee Architect/ Architect

Goa College of Architecture

Trainee, CEPT Ahmedabad

Vasav Panchal

Trainee Architect, UVCE Bengaluru

Charithra Chennakeshav
Joshua Nash Pinto

Trainee Architect, École Nationale Supérieure D'architecture de Paris Belleville-France

Architect, Goa College of Architecture

Cheryl Rodrigues

Trainee Architect/ Aurangabad

Shruti Rawat

Architect, Goa College of Architecture

Nikita Fernandes
Aishwarya Rege

Trainee Architect/ VIT's PVP College of Architecture, Pune

Shravani Das

Trainee Architect, Faculty of Architecture, Manipal University

Winti Rodrigues

Architect, Goa College of Architecture

Vaishnavi Vernekar

Trainee Architect/ Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum

Aishwarya Chakor

Trainee Architect/ KRVIA Mumbai

Meet Patel

Trainee Architect/ Amity School of Architecture & Planning-Jaipur

Vishakha Ghatge

Trainee Architect/ VIT's PVP College of Architecture, Pune

Seeya Keserker
Fedora Cotta

Trainee Architect/ Goa College of Architecture

Project Manager, Ecoloo/ Dry toilets, Architect/ Goa College of Architecture

photo (3)_edited.jpg
Diksha Naik

Trainee Architect/ Goa College of Architecture

Trainee Architect/

Rizvi College, Mumbai

Kirti Rathore
Elisha Fernandes

Trainee Architect

Rizvi College, Mumbai

photo (2).jpg
Yatharth Gupta

Trainee Architect

SPA Delhi

Sneha Puri

Faculty of Design,

CEPT Ahmedabad

Noah Fernandes

Conservation Architecture/ SPA Delhi

Kuldeep Kudnani

Trainee Architect

IPSA Rajkot

Himani Devpura

Trainee Architect

Goa College of Architecture

Nishita Magalhaes

Trainee Architect

Goa College of Architecture

Ishwari Masurkar

Trainee Architect

Goa College of Architecture

Harshal Parsana

Trainee Architect


Pratiksha Budavi


Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum


Trainee Architect

LS Raheja, Mumbai

Prajakta Gosavi

Trainee Architect

KRVIA, Mumbai

Nishita Kishore
Mabel Rodrigues

Trainee Architect

Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum

Dielle D'Sa

Trainee Architect

KRVIA, Mumbai

Chaitrali Korde


Goa College of Architecture

Mrinmayee Thakur


Goa College of Architecture

Andrea Fernandes

Trainee, Architecture Aspirant

XII Grade, Dubai

Saisha Harmalkar


Goa College of Architecture

Lionel Afonso

Trainee Architect

Goa College of Architecture

Liesl Braganca

Trainee Architect

Goa College of Architecture

Aboli Badhan


you inspire us



Padma Shri B V Doshi

Architect, Vastu Shilpa-India

Santiago Cirugeda

Social Architect, Recetus Urbanas-Spain


Thannal- Hand Sculpted Homes

Biju and Sindhu Bhaskar

Prof Neelkanth Chhaya

Rajendra Kerkar

Bittu Sahgal

Prof Madhav Gadgil

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