Power of 7

Welcome to the 'Power of 7' a forum for anybody who would like to share an idea, thought, passion or concern in not more than 7 minutes and/or 7 slides. The objective of this initiative is to encourage those that need a little push to share their ideas or thoughts in a larger forum. And its easy with a tool of 7!

Winti Rodrigues: Perception

Winti shared her thoughts on perception. She explained that perception is born out of 5 basic factors namely culture, circumstance, education, past experiences and social conditioning. Perception is how you see the outside from the inside! You can contact her on wintifaidol.89@gmail.com 

Titus Fernandes : Who do you think you are, Mr Architect?

Titus was perturbed when he was asked this question by his brother one day! This led to the fact that in rural areas the person residing in a home decides how his/her home should be and is therefore its own builder. But in current times the 'builder or developer decides how a flat or apartment should be and 'makes the architect design within those limited parameters. The result- Human zoos! Therefore the need today for architects and users to connect and 'flexible spaces as an answer to the oft changing needs of an apartment dweller.  You can contact Titus on titusfdes@gmail.com